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Window Washing Service in Ventura, CA

As we approach summer, it is a good opportunity to inspect your home thoroughly to determine the impact the past year has had, and what kind of services it might need as we approach the warm season. If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while, you know you can count on us to deliver quality, considerate window washing service, every time. 

Exterior Care

In addition to cleaning your windows inside and out, we also deliver the following services so that the outside of your house can also sparkle. 

  • We clean rain gutters. This is especially important to do before the spring rains because an accumulation of leaves can eventually lead to (expensive) water damage. We’ll clear out all the debris the winter left behind, to make sure your gutters are ready to do their job and route water from your roof down to the ground.
  • We remove heavy debris from all surfaces. If you’ve recently had any windows or glass installed, the surfaces may have been exposed to paint, stucco, silicone, or silicone. 
  • We remove hard water from your window. When hard water is allowed to dry on window glass, it leaves damaging mineral deposits. We have special tools to eliminate these stains.
  • We pressure wash buildings and concrete slabs, removing layers and layers of dirt and dust so that the outside of your home looks well-maintained and cob-web free. 

Interior Care

What sets our window washing service apart from other companies is the amount of care we bring to the inside of our client’s homes. We understand that, in order to do our job properly, we are entering a very private place. We take the trust placed in us very seriously, and we will always leave your house in better condition than how we found it. That said, in addition to cleaning your windows, we provide the following interior services.

  • We clean mirrors.  Dingy mirrors are sad, period. While anyone can wipe their mirror down with Windex for a fast shine, we will deep-clean the glass and rid it of debris that is a lot harder to scrub.
  • We replace screens. Screens are a huge reason why windows get dirty quickly. Old screens become sun-damaged and ineffective; new screens are stronger so they keep out bugs and heavy debris.
  • We detail and wash blinds. It’s important to have this service professionally done because blinds have many small, fragile parts.
  • We detail the interior and exterior light fixtures. This job requires a lot of patience and finesse; luckily, we love to do it, and it will make an instant difference in your home’s appearance.

Window Washing Services You May Not Know About…

  • We clean skylights. This one might seem obvious because a skylight is a window in the ceiling after all, BUT:
  • We also clean solar panels. Check out our new blog about this. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to schedule any or several of these services. After all, there really is nothing like a beautifully clean view. 😉