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Pressure Washing Safety Precautions

Pressure Washing Services - Paul - The Glass Man Window Washing

In addition to window washing services, we pressure wash exteriors of buildings and take strict safety precautions in order to protect your property. Pressure washing is a service that completely changes the way your home or office feels, from the inside to the outside. 

We specialize in this service and take required safety precautions; for example, a proper cleaning requires the proper pressure which is a result of the pump, engine, hose, and nozzle tip. The wrong pressure or even tip can rip into wood, stucco, or even concrete! We have a keen understanding of these parts and how to apply the correct combination to produce beautiful cleaning results, without damage. As we clean, we are continually assessing the surfaces we are cleaning and the potential for leaks. A watchful eye and carefully-trained understanding of surface types will leave your home in excellent condition.

Hire Professionals for Pressure Washing

Because pressure washing is an important job that should only be executed by professionals, we take serious safety precautions to protect your property. The people on our team are trained professionals with experience handling the equipment required to properly sanitize your home. Working with water, especially in hard-to-reach areas can be dangerous; proper clothing, footwear, access, and fall protection are all crucial to a safely executed job. Do not risk it. We also recognize that, for window cleaning services, our workers will spend time in your home, which is a very intimate space. This is why we hire the kind of people that we would want in our own home: trustworthy, professional, attentive, kind, and above all, caring. Our workers are paid a living wage and we offer them a compensation package that ensures that they are invested in each and every customer. You can rest assured that your home is in the hands of people who truly care about you and about the experience you have when you work with us.

Pressure Washing Safety and Safety, in general, is our Number One Priority

Regarding safety, our equipment is inspected daily and we hold weekly meetings to address topics crucial to our employees’ safety, and the safety of our clients and community. Our first priority is your satisfaction and the protection of your property. If you have any questions regarding pressure washing services or our safety precautions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Pressure Washing Risks and precautions from the CDC:


  • The strong spray from a pressure washer can cause serious wounds that might first appear minor. Wounds that appear minor can cause a person to delay treatment, increasing the risk for infection, disability, or amputation.
  • The fast, strong spray can throw objects that strike and injure others who are close by.
  • Electric shock can occur if the pressure washer is not used properly and if safety instructions are not followed.
  • Using small, gasoline-powered engines can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Workers should not use any equipment powered by gasoline engines inside buildings or other partially enclosed spaces unless the gasoline engine can be placed outdoors and away from the air intake.


  • Never point a pressure washer at yourself or others.
  • Never attempt to push or move objects with spray from the washer.
  • Never use a gasoline-powered washer in an enclosed space.
  • Always test the ground fault circuit interrupter (circuit breaker or outlet) before using a pressure washer.
  • Always plug a properly grounded pressure washer into a properly grounded receptacle.
  • If an extension cord must be used, keep the pressure washer’s power cord connection out of any standing water, and use a heavy-duty extension cord with components rated for use in wet locations. Keep both the power cord and extension cord connections as far away as possible from the item being washed and away from any water runoff.
  • Wear rubber-soled shoes that provide some insulation when using the pressure washer.
  • Never cut or splice the pressure washer’s power cord or extension cords.
  • Never remove the grounding prong from the pressure washer’s power cord plug or the extension cord.
  • Always have a qualified electrician check the pressure washer for electrical problems after it has tripped a circuit breaker.
  • Never allow children to operate a pressure washer. Keep children at a safe distance when an adult is using a pressure washer.

If you are hurt by a pressure washer:

  • Call 911 if emergency help is needed.
  • Take care of any wounds:
  • Before treating the wound, wash your hands with soap and clean water.
  • Remove any object that is in the way of caring for the wound.
  • Put pressure on the wound with a clean cloth to stop bleeding.
  • After bleeding has stopped, pour bottled or clean running water over the wound.
  • Gently clean around the wound with soap and clean water.
  • Pat dry and use an adhesive bandage or dry clean cloth to cover the wound.
  • Leave unclean wounds open.

Persons who have high-pressure spray wounds are urged to get medical attention as soon as possible. A medical professional might X-Ray the injured area, provide a tetanus shot and antibiotics or make a referral to a specialist.

If you live in Ventura County or surrounding areas and would like to hire a professional pressure washer, click here to request a free quote.