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Window Cleaning on Homes For Sale

We excel at construction clean-up window cleaning projects. To remove paint and other construction debris effectively and without damaging window glass and window frames takes the right tools, proper training, careful attention to fine details, and a strong motivation to excellent work. When we’re hired to clean windows or other features in homes or commercial spaces, we’re very consideration of personal property, and our presence is invisible after we’re finished working, except that all windows and adjacent areas are immaculately cleaned.

Removing paint from french windows

Recently we removed excess paint from a home full of large picture windows and many unique french windows. The large picture windows had paint over-spray while the french windows had been brushed and excess paint was around the newly painted wooden frames. Windows like these are beautiful, but very expensive to replace. We use specialty tools to access hard to reach corners, and effectively and safely remove paint from window glass, leaving the glass completely clean without scratching or damaging the glass.

Clean Windows Increase Your Home’s Appeal

In this example case, the home is being prepped for sale and window cleaning is an essential part of that process. Increasing curb appeal for staging and the ultimate sale of your home is essential. Although windows may be considered by some to be a subtle feature, the difference after a complete cleaning is immediately noticed. More than just a finishing touch, windows tie rooms together and contribute to the ambiance of every home. This is not a simple once-over cleaning. We provide a thorough deep window service which leaves your windows sparkling and cleans the adjacent surfaces as well. The shine and sparkle of clean glass adds tremendous curb appeal and makes the whole house brighter when viewed from the inside and the outside.

According to the New York Times and yearly surveys conducted by, window cleaning was the best home improvement you can make when selling your home, according to a survey or professional realtors. Read the full article here:

We have the tools, training, and sharp, caring eye to make your home shine! We operate all over Ventura County and the City of Santa Barbara! Contact us for more information about our window cleaning service and to request a free quote.