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Window Cleaning and cobweb removal in Ojai

Ojai, CA is a town of mountains, trees, wildlife, and homes and businesses that celebrate this wonderful location. The Ojai Valley is filled with oak trees in a thick chaparral environment. Window cleaning in this environment creates extra work and requires a high level of attention to details as well as a commitment to cleaning in a thorough manner. Ojai homes are situated in an environment filled with lots of bugs and plenty of spiders and their webs.

We are experts in cobweb removal from eaves, rain gutter downspouts, and other home facades, as well as interior walls, and corners where spiders love to live. This is often coupled with a window cleaning which combines to make a huge impact on the visual appearance of a home as well as the comfort and well-being of its inhabitants. Excessive spider webs and spider activity can be uninviting for guests and inhabitants, limiting the enjoyment of outdoor activities or the want to open windows.

Exterior Cobweb and window cleaning

We work around a home with tools for cleaning windows and screens as well as cobweb removal. As we move from window to window, we begin by using a large round brush on a pole to capture and remove cobwebs from the eaves and walls. This spider web disruption always results in immediate spider activity; running and falling spiders are everywhere – the job is not for the faint of heart! Once the spiderwebs have been removed from a section of the exterior, and the spiders have been dodged, the screen is removed and the glass, frame, sill, and track is cleaned. The screen is then brushed and often washed and replaced.  

Exterior Cobweb and window cleaning

Windows cleaned from the outside immediately reveal the need for interior cleaning as well. We specialize in providing detailed and, in the case of Ojai oak trees and spider webs, heavy-duty cleaning of windows and home eaves and walls. Once the heavy dirt and debris have been removed from the exterior, we clean up a bit and move to the inside. We have the ladders, drop cloths, and methods to effectively and in a contained manner, remove spider webs from high ceilings, corners, nooks, and crannies! Once cobwebs have been removed we clean the interior glass, frames, sills, and tracks. We remove lots of debris from insects and spiders that build up on the glass and frames.