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What do window washers do when it rains??

When it rains, we continue to offer all our services. However, some services may be more appealing when it is dry, and others are great, rain or shine. Interior window and skylight cleaning, light fixture cleaning, mirror cleaning, hard-water build-up removal, blind cleaning and detailing, screen repair, and pressure washing are all great rainy-day services we offer. However, exterior cleaning can have a place during wet weather too.

First, a note on how to keep windows clean all year long regardless of weather.

Dirty windows need cleaning regardless of weather. Clean windows are not affected by rain. The rain water is clean and dries clear. It is debris and dirt that rain water will move and mix with, resulting in ugly windows. For our  clients engaged in regularly scheduled cleaning contracts, regular consistent cleaning keeps glass looking great, even through winter rains! This is because the glass is kept clean through regular cleaning schedules; weekly, monthly, quarterly.

Interior windows, window sills, window tracks, and window frames collect dirt just like the exterior. Dogs noses, kids finger prints, and more can be found on interior windows. We offer this cleaning service when it is raining. We utilize shoe covers to mitigate against any dirt and debris collected on shoes when working and walking outside. This is particularly important during wet weather.

Professional Cleaning For All Glass Surfaces

In addition to windows, interior skylights, mirrors, and bathroom shower glass with hard-water build-up all need cleaning and these are services we are happy to provide, even during rainy weather.

We offer blind and shutter cleaning. Blinds and shutters collect dust and dirt on the horizontal slats. For wooden blinds and shutters we detail in place. This is a great service for a wet day; we remove all dirt and debris, making a huge difference and really brightening homes, even on a dark and stormy day!. This tedious and attention-driven work is one of our specialties!

Screen cleaning and repair is a service we offer and can execute even during inclement weather. Screens with holes are no longer serving their purpose and allow bugs to come right inside. As screens age, the sun degrades the black mesh resulting in a silvered highly visible screen. New screen material makes screens hardly noticeable and highly see-through! If the screen frame is damaged, it does not sit correctly in the window. We rebuild screen frames too!

Another service we specialize in and certainly offer on rainy days pressure washing.

We pressure wash roofs, driveways, walkways, exterior walls, and more! Pressure washing is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of water; running water through a pressure washer means less water to do a better job! We utilize the correct wand tips to direct the water at a proper pressure in order to clean concrete, decorative paving stone, walkway stone, stucco walls, painted wood walls, concrete walls, as well as all types of roofs.

Pressure washing effectively and thoroughly removes moss, algae, fungus, lichen and other dirt and debris from these surfaces. If building walls are coated in dirt or dust, driveways or walkways are covered in green or black looking dirt and growth, or roof tiles have become covered in moss and lichen, pressure washing is the answer! These growths and dirt are not only unsightly but can also pose a potential slip hazard, especially during rainy seasons.