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Screen replacement and Screen Frame Building

Ventura, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks

Replacing screen material in window screens and slider-door screens requires patience. Install of screen material needs to be balanced so that it is pulled tight without excessive tension – this requires some finesse to get right.

The Glass Man has the experience and patience to re-screen expertly. We begin by removing the old screen material and cleaning up the frame. We layout high-quality screen material (and offer heavy pet-screen material and different shades, etc., upon request). The screen is held in place with a screen spine and this is rolled on utilizing a proven technique to ensure the screen is tight, but not so tight that it warps the screen frame. The last step is to cut away the excess screen material, leaving a clean, new screen.

New screens effectively keep out bugs and heavy debris while the window is open. Additionally, new screen is much more transparent and when compared to older, sun-damages screen material, is much less noticeable.

If screen frames are damaged The Glass Man can rebuild the frames. Frames include: the metal frame (different colors and thicknesses available), plastic or metal corners, springs, and pull tabs. The Glass Man measures and custom cuts screen frame to fit the window space perfectly.

To get a good fit, and thus an effective screen, experience is crucial, as screens fit into windows in many different ways, often in recesses made for the screen and dependent on the spring tension. Utilizing an expert to assess the screen need and how it is housed in the window results in perfect fits and effective screens.

We are your screen replacement, screen frame building, and window cleaning specialists serving VenturaSanta BarbaraThousand Oaks, and surrounding areas. We would love to talk more about your specific project: request a quote today!