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Regular window cleaning protects your windows from dirt, debris, and damage.

Windows are expensive, and an integral part of any home or office. Replacement windows, set into existing and intact structural window frames cost anywhere between $300 to $1000 dollars per window. New construction windows; those needing structural framing, can cost $600- $2000 per window!

It is important to maintain this investment by properly cleaning windows, whether the windows were installed recently or came with the property. Window cleaning is important. Living in Ventura, with the ocean sea breeze and the farming fields, windows can take a beating with dirt and debris over time. In order to maintain the integrity of window glass and seals, as well as frames, sills, tracks, and screens, regular window cleaning is necessary.

Recently, we spent the morning cleaning windows in Ventura at a home that was way overdue for a cleaning. Heavy dirt had accumulated on the glass and particularly the sills and window frames. Over time this dirt can work its way down in between where the glass and window frame meet, which can cause damage to seals in double pane windows, leading to hazing and visible discoloration due to moisture between the panes.

Our Ventura window washing client was so happy to get her windows all cleaned up (check out the before and after shots!), she said it makes her whole house brighter, and she feels comfortable opening the windows, and not worrying about dirt blowing in off the sills and screens. We truly care about our clients and their property. We are detail oriented and experienced in working with all types of windows to ensure a perfect clean, every time!

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