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Do We Clean Windows in the Rain?

Many people struggle to figure out exactly when to have their windows cleaned. As the rainy season approaches, some decide to delay cleaning their windows until the spring, when ideally the weather is better and drier. At The Glass Man Professional Window Washing, we offer year-round service and have the skill and expertise to provide top-notch window care, even in the rain.

Dirt makes windows dirty

Not a lot of people know that rain doesn’t make windows dirty. Dirt makes windows dirty. 😉

Our professional services will take care of dirt, streaks, and watermarks, rain or no rain. In fact, we guarantee that we will return to touch up your windows if you notice that there is anything that needs fixing, once it stops raining.

Your feedback is always extremely important to us. I have regular meetings with my crew to check in and evaluate how we are doing, and what more we can do to be awesome and deliver the best possible service to you. If you haven’t had your windows cleaned in a while (I recommend 2-3 times a year to keep your home looking good year-round), please give me a call —don’t let the rain stop you!

There are plenty of studies that demonstrate that cleanliness and organization have a profoundly beneficial impact on mental health. No one enjoys waking up and looking at the sun (or rain) through dirty glass.

However, many people delay having their windows cleaned in the winter because they believe that the seasonal rains will mess up the glass.

This isn’t true. Rain makes dirty windows dirtier, whereas clean windows are not affected when cleaned professionally.

Which is why we clean windows in the rain

If your goal is to keep your home looking and feeling great year-round, we recommend having your windows cleaned 2-3 times, annually. If you are tired of looking through the dirty glass, don’t delay your happiness! Give us a call and we’ll get the job done quickly, professionally, and with care.