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Why Solar Panel Cleaning is So Important

Having solar panels on your property goes hand-in-hand with caring about the planet. In addition to being a source of renewable energy that replaces fossil fuels, solar panels are low maintenance and will additionally cut down your electricity bill. If you haven’t considered acquiring solar panels, you can get more information here .

For those of you who are already enjoying the benefits of solar energy: we specialize in solar panel cleaning. There are a lot of articles on the internet about the best way to clean your solar panels, how to do it yourself at home, etc, but the fact remains that the best solar panel cleaning will always be done by a professional. 

Energy Informative shared a study done by Google, which demonstrates that cleaning solar panels is the number one way to maximize the energy they produce. Furthermore, “the same study also found that “solar panels that were cleaned professionally had a 12% higher output of electricity compared to those cleaned by rain.”

People may not realize the extent to which solar panels need to be cleaned in order to operate at their maximum efficiency. Most solar panel systems use a glass coating to protect solar cells. Dust and dirt settle on the protective glass panels; as the material accumulates, it gradually decreases the amount of sunlight the solar cells receive. Keeping the glass panel faces clean maximizes the system’s ability to generate electricity. In some cases, a solar panel could lose as much as 30% of its efficiency if the panel were never cleaned.

The bottom line is that you will save a lot of energy (and money!) down the road if you have a solar cleaning company come in to regularly clean your panels. We recommend that homeowners have their solar panels cleaned professionally once to twice a year; our team delivers comprehensive, quality care that will maximize the energy output of your solar panels.