Solar Panel Cleaning

Soak up the SUN! Solar panels must be cleaned on a regular basis to function correctly and efficiently. Access is often tricky and dangerous; requiring tall ladders, fall protection systems, as well as experience walking and working on roofs.

Our days always begin with safety. The Glass Man engages in regular safety training and fall-protection protocol to address this exposure. We are Insured to climb ladders and walk on roofs, and provide certificates in advance!

Cleaning solar panels begins with safely accessing the panels and securing appropriately. We utilize the latest cleaning technology to efficiently reach, scrub, clean, and rinse solar panels in compliance with manufacturers cleaning recommendations.

Considering that solar panels are expensive, can be sensitive to damage, and can be dangerous to access, we recommend that you hire a trusted professional to provide the cleaning. The Glass Man Professional Window Washing Company provides solar panel cleaning in Ventura, Ojai, Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks, and surrounding areas. We are here to provide peace-of-mind and make the process easy!

Pressure Washing

Why Solar Panel Cleaning is So Important

Having solar panels on your property goes hand-in-hand with caring about the planet. In addition to being a source of renewable energy that replaces fossil fuels, solar panels are low maintenance and …

Did you know that we are a solar cleaning company?

There is a lot of value in getting your solar panels regularly cleaned; that’s why we’re making an active effort to let people know that we are also a solar cleaning company.